District 27 Officers 2021-22

Members First, Mission Always!

Naomi Carrington-Hockman, DTM

District Director

Naomi Carrington-Hockman, DTM, District Director

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


LaShawn Foster, DTM

Program Quality Director

LaShawn Foster, DTM

Program Quality Director

“Quitters never win…and Winners never quit”

Jeanna Lee, DTM

Club Growth Director

Jeanna Lee, DTM, Club Growth Director

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”

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Call for Candidate Declarations for District 27 Leadership

Call for Candidate Declarations!
Kick Off!!! December 15, 2021!!!

DISTRICT 27 VIRTUAL Spring Conference

4X5 Annual Conference2
Join District 27 Toastmasters VIRTUALLY on Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. This year's conference theme is ``District 27: Triumphing Through Talent, Technology & Teamwork``.

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Want to know the latest news in District 27 (D27)? Feel like listening to some inspiring stories and personal anecdotes? Have an opinion you want to share about Toastmasters?

For the first time ever, District 27 Toastmasters has launched a podcast series that keeps members up to date with the latest news. D27, Discuss With Us, where you can discover what’s all the fuss. Available on several podcast platforms, subscribe and receive notifications when the latest episode is released! Share with fellow members, family, and friends!


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Distinguished Club Program Tracking

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Dooley, DTM, we have an extraordinary new tool to monitor success of individuals, clubs, areas, divisions, and the entire district. Please start using the links below to help monitor past /current performance and use it to plan future success. The best way to appreciate the scope of this tool is to test it out and compare your club/area/division with others in the district.

Take Me To It

Pathways Resources

Base Camp is your online gateway to Pathways, where you will find everything you need on your journey. Here you can work on projects, track your progress, connect with members of your club and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way. Base Camp also features resources to help guide you, including tutorials, videos, quizzes, interactive activities and more.

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