Has your club been consistently losing members year after year? Are your club meetings dry and predictable? Do people visit your club often but never seem to commit to joining? Are the same core group of members rotating in and out of your club’s officer roles? If you answered YES to one or more of these questions this a strong indicator that there are opportunities to enhance your club’s overall quality.

Many clubs lose several members each year because they give their focus to new members, at the expense of existing members, as well as fail to remain diligent in maintaining the highest levels of quality where their club’s operations are concerned.

Do you see this happening in your club? The consequences of poor member retention and a decline in club quality compound over time, and even a tiny change in either of these things can cascade through the district and set your club on a downward trajectory.

As your Club Growth Director this is where I come in. The Club Retention Team & I are here to Coach, Motivate and Work alongside you to ensure that your club is healthy and thriving. The Club Retention Team and I can provide your club with a wealth of resources to assist you in turning things around. We can help your club to not only retain the members it has, but also to increase the number of members  on its roster as a whole. If this sounds like something your club could benefit from. Please reach out to me (LaShawn Foster, DTM: Club Growth Director, D27) today at for more information.