Tips for a Quality Toastmasters Club

By Area and Division District Leaders

  1. Diverse Membership of 20+ and growing
  2. At least 50% of membership attends every meeting (such that every meeting role is filled without doubling up)
  3. Members actively participate at meetings
  4. The club culture embodies the club mission and core values
  5. Ensure club environment conducive to learning
  6. Every speech is from a legacy program manual or Pathways project
  7. Effective evaluations that encourage members to continue to improve
  8. Officer roles filled by different members
  9. All club officers attend TLI training twice a year
  10. Create a leadership pipeline by growing and developing leaders
  11. Club dues are paid on time
  12. Striving to achieve President’s Distinguished Club status
  13. Meets DCP goals
  14. Prepare and periodically review club success plan as a roadmap for success
  15. Members attend district level events, e.g., contests, conferences, workshops, TLI (not just for officers), etc.
  16. Visit other clubs to get ideas, help with speaking opportunities, network, etc.
  17. Well planned agenda(s) two to three meetings in advance
  18. Social gatherings outside of meetings to build relationships
  19. Highly motivated/strong officers
  20. Keeps club officers accountable
  21. Officers lead by example
  22. Monthly officer, i.e., executive committee, meetings
  23. Hold creative and well planned Open Houses
  24. Has strong mentorship program
  25. Respects everyone’s time (punctuality)
  26. Meeting variety
  27. Weekly meetings (a minimum of twice per month)
  28. Participate in agency events, e.g., health fairs, employee events, etc.
  29. Invite and have corporate/government agency sponsors participate in special events
  30. Post successes everywhere including internal agency/corporate
  31. Have FUN!

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