2018-2019 Recognition

Acknowledgement to the clubs and individuals who achieved excellence in the 2018/2019 Toastmaster year.

Congratulations to Dutch Martin, Get Up To Speak (G.U.T.S.) Toastmasters, on winning the 2019 District 27 International Speech Contest. Dutch moved forward and became the Region 7 semifinal 2nd place winner!!

Congratulations to TaQuasha Wallace, PENTAF Toastmasters, on winning the 2019 District 27 Evaluation Contest.

Sarah Allan, Crystal City Evening Toastmasters – District 27 Toastmaster of the Year

Distinguished Toastmasters:

Austin, Andrew
Ayala-White, Clelia
Burkett, Helen L.
Canada, Carol D.
Collins, Helen Loretta
Hernandez, Maximino V.
Krasnow, Jay D.
Kushan, Vaishali
McIntosh, Sherlene
Ross, Robert Carl
Schwenzer, Birgit
Shepherd, Nathan J.
Sowell, Dale A.
Thume, Wayne Roger

Division A – Select Distinguished

Area 11 – Select Distinguished

Club Rank
PENTAF Toastmasters Club Distinguished
New Generation Toastmasters President’s Distinguished
Pentagon Legacy Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished

Area 12 – Distinguished

Club Rank
Park Center Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished
Spirited Speakers Club President’s Distinguished
Storymasters Distinguished

Area 13

Club Rank
T-S-A: Tackling Speaking Aggressively Select Distinguished

Area 14 – Distinguished

Club Rank
5-Star Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished
Crystal City Evening Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished
Crystal Clear Speakers Distinguished

Area 15 – Distinguished

Club Rank
Capital Superior Speakers Distinguished
Great Communicators Club Distinguished
Tongue-Tied Trainers Distinguished

Division B

Area 21

Club Rank
First Edition Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished

Area 22

Club Rank
Toast Of Arlington Toastmasters Club Distinguished

Area 23 – Distinguished

Club Rank
NRECA Power Speakers Distinguished
Seasoned & Aspiring Leaders Toastmasters Club (SALT) Distinguished

Area 24

Club Rank
ETRADE Toastmasters Distinguished

Division C

Area 31

Club Rank
Energy Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished
FAA Speechmasters Club Distinguished
USDA Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished

Area 32

Club Rank
Speak Up Club President’s Distinguished
SPICE President’s Distinguished

Area 33 – Distinguished

Club Rank
HUD Toastmasters Club Select Distinguished
New Southwest Club Distinguished
OCC Speakeasies Club Distinguished

Division D

Area 41

Club Rank
Trident Toastmasters Distinguished

Area 42 – Distinguished

Club Rank
Kohoutek Toastmasters Club Select Distinguished
Lone Star Toastmasters Select Distinguished

Area 43 – Distinguished

Club Rank
Capitol Hill Toastmasters Distinguished
Library of Congress Toastmasters Club Select Distinguished
Pathfinders Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished

Division E – Select Distinguished

Area 51 – Select Distinguished

Club Rank
Andrews Club 2184 President’s Distinguished
Maple Springs Baptist Church Toastmasters Ministry President’s Distinguished
SAM FOX Toastmasters President’s Distinguished
St Margaret’s Achievers Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished

Area 52

Club Rank
Talk of The Town Club President’s Distinguished

Area 53

Club Rank
Presidential Speakers Club Select Distinguished

Area 54 – Distinguished

Club Rank
Calvert Toastmasters Select Distinguished
New Creation Entrepreneur & Business Power Hour President’s Distinguished

Division F – Select Distinguished

Area 61 – President’s Distinguished

Club Rank
Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ) President’s Distinguished
DHA Skyline Voices Distinguished
Helen Burkett Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished
Network Express Club Distinguished
NOVA Toastmasters Club President’s Distinguished
Speak-NG Select Distinguished

Area 62 – Select Distinguished

Club Rank
Annandale Toastmasters Club Select Distinguished
Eastern Market Toastmasters Club Distinguished
GUTS Toastmasters President’s Distinguished
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Toastmasters Ministry Select Distinguished

Area 63

Club Rank
USPTO Toastmasters President’s Distinguished
Voices of SHRM Club Distinguished

Area 64 – Select Distinguished

Club Rank
Alexandria Treetop Speakers Club President’s Distinguished
City of Alexandria Toastmasters President’s Distinguished
Old Town Toastmasters (Dinner Club) Distinguished

Note from your Webmaster, Wayne Thume

We should also acknowledge the top three 2018/2019 district leaders (who can’t thank themselves) and so many others who contributed to the success of the district.

  • District Director – Brenda Lawrence, DTM
  • Program Quality Director – Robin Hylton, DTM
  • Club Growth Director – Iris Taylor, DTM