Distinguished Club Program Tracking Tool

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Dooley, DTM, we have an extraordinary new tool to monitor success of individuals, clubs, areas, divisions, and the entire district.  Please start using the links below to help monitor past /current performance and use it to plan future success.  The best way to appreciate the scope of this tool is to test it out and compare your club/area/division with others in the district.

DCP Tracking 2020-2021

DCP Tracking 2019-2020

DCP Tracking 2018-2019

Jim Dooley, DTM, has been in Toastmasters for more than 30 years and is well-known in both District 27 and District 36. He is a Past District Governor, served two terms as a Division Governor, and five terms as an Area Governor/Director. As a Division Governor, he wanted his Area Governors to know as much about the clubs they were working with as could be found in one place, and he wanted to present it visually in an organized and understandable format. Building on his comprehensive knowledge of the Distinguished Club Plan, and his tireless enthusiasm for congratulating members on their achievements, Jim accessed all of the available information from District and World Headquarters sources and created the first web-based DCP Tracking System of its kind. Although it was originally designed primarily for the Areas and Clubs in his particular Division, within two years it was automated and expanded to include all of District 36 and District 27. The original design, modified continuously over more than a decade, inspired the World Headquarters “Dashboards” that are in current use internationally. After the wide release of the Dashboards, Jim “retired” the original DCP Tracking System in 2016. However, he began to see the need for a redesigned version during his service once again as an Area Director last year, and so began to recreate the System – first for his fellow Area Directors in Division F, and now for the entire District.

The DCP Consolidated Tracking System is newly designed for the Pathways Era and provides data for every Club, Area, and Division in District 27, updated on a daily basis. Jim is pleased to present the System for our use, because he honestly believes it can help everyone in the District support the clubs and the individual members.