2019 – 2020

Acknowledgment to the clubs and individuals who achieved excellence in the 2019/2020 year!

Congratulations to Darryn “Dutch” Martin, Get Up To Speak (G.U.T.S) Toastmasters, on winning the 2020 District 27 International Speech Contest

Congratulations to Ginamarie Demilio, DTM – District 27 Area Director of the Year!

Congratulations to Lashawn S. Foster, DTM – District 27 Division Director of the Year!

Congratulations to Jeanna Lee – District 27 Toastmasters of the Year

Distinguished Toastmasters, 2019-2020

 Adekoya, Wilmot (DTM)  Pentagon Legacy  08/05/2019
 Allan, Sarah (DTM)  GUTS  01/17/2020
 Alston, Stephanie (DTM)  Kohoutek  05/22/2020
 Ambos, Tracy (DTM)  Andrews  06/10/2020
 Ball, Linda (DTM)  Maple Springs Baptist  08/21/2019
 Battaglia, John (DTM)  GUTS  05/03/2020
 Bembridge, Kevin (DTM)  Presidential Speakers  06/02/2020
 Bird, Candace (DTM)  New Generation  10/25/2019
 Boone, Josie (DTM)  Crystal Clear Speakers  08/07/2019
 Bournazian, Jacob (DTM)  Energy  06/24/2020
 Carrington, Naomi (DTM)  DTM Masters  07/01/2019
 Catalan, Bernadette (DTM)  Saint Margaret’s Achievers  06/20/2020
 Cheng, Frederick (DTM)  Storymasters  06/26/2020
 Collins, Helen (DTM)  D.H.A. Skyline Voices  03/19/2020
 Cooke, Lillian (DTM)  Burgay  06/25/2020
 Dejmek Woods, Paula (DTM)  O.C.C. Speakeasies  02/18/2020
 Demilio, Ginamarie (DTM)  Talk of The Town  06/18/2020
 Dengrove, Richard (DTM)  Braddock Metro  02/26/2020
 Dooley, Jim (DTM)  GUTS  06/10/2020
 Duryea, Pia (DTM)  State Of Speaking  06/25/2020
 Etienne, Ernesto (DTM)  F.A.A. Speechmasters  06/01/2020
 Evans, Melissa (DTM)  New Southwest  06/26/2020
 Foster, Lashawn (DTM)  Energy  12/12/2019
 Foster, Susan (DTM)  Smokey’s Speakers  06/24/2020
 Foxworthy, Jennifer (DTM)  Talk of The Town  08/07/2019
 Gagne, Katharine (DTM)  Five-Star  02/12/2020
 Gibbons, Harrolee (DTM)  SAM FOX  04/29/2020
 Hamilton, Amy (DTM)  SALT Seasoned & Aspiring Leaders  06/30/2020
 Hamilton, Tamara (DTM)  GUTS  01/07/2020
 Hammond, Dinelly (DTM)  Five-Star  07/01/2019
 Harrell, Howard (DTM)  School Street  06/26/2020
 Harrje, Stacia (DTM)  New Southwest  06/21/2020
 Henry, Jawanna (DTM)  H.H.S.  11/04/2019
 Herndon, Gloria (DTM)  Ballston  06/11/2020
 Holland, Elizabeth (DTM)  Maple Springs Baptist  12/16/2019
 Hollingsworth, David (DTM)  Dynamic Speakers  07/02/2019
 Ivy, James (DTM)  U.S.D.A.  06/30/2020
 Johnson, John (DTM)  PENTAF  06/15/2020
 Jones Fountain, Rosalyn (DTM)  Library of Congress  05/22/2020
 Jones, Amber (DTM)  Lone Star  01/09/2020
 Kroboth, Angela (DTM)  State Of Speaking  06/16/2020
 Lawson Murphy, Flora (DTM)  Smithsonian  04/30/2020
 Linton, Earl (DTM)  Defense Health Headquarters  09/12/2019
 Maloney, Michael (DTM)  Crystal City Evening  01/12/2020
 Miranda, Ivana (DTM)  Town of Capitol Heights  06/28/2020
 Mitchell, Elizabeth (DTM)  SALT Seasoned & Aspiring Leaders  06/12/2020
 Nelson, LaMonica (DTM)  Saint Margaret’s Achievers  06/08/2020
 Nickels, Drew (DTM)  Energy  10/31/2019
 Olarinde, Olayinka (DTM)  City of Alexandria  06/27/2020
 Pearson, Mary (DTM)  Personnelly Speaking  04/29/2020
 Powers, George (DTM)  Chesapeake  06/02/2020
 Rankin, Richard (DTM)  Helen Burkett  11/07/2019
 Saniga, Mary (DTM)  Calvert  07/18/2019
 Schept, Susan (DTM)  Raise Your Glass  05/01/2020
 Simmons, Lisa (DTM)  NOVA  03/06/2020
 Sipes, Johnny (DTM)  Patuxent River  06/28/2020
 Velazquez, Carlos (DTM)  Crystal City Evening  08/08/2019
 Walker, Tommy (DTM)  Trident  06/26/2020
 Walsh, Geryl (DTM)  Andrews  06/17/2020
 Webster, Richard (DTM)  Speak-NG  06/18/2020
 Whitney, Megan (DTM)  Challenger  03/28/2020
 Wiggins, Jwon (DTM)  SAM FOX  06/30/2020
 Wilder, Michael (DTM)  Fast Forward  06/04/2020
 Williams, Elaine (DTM)  Town of Capitol Heights  06/26/2020
 Writt, Vickie (DTM)  SALT Seasoned & Aspiring Leaders  06/30/2020


Congratulations to the following District 27 Clubs for becoming Distinguished this year!

Division E – Select Distinguished!!!


President’s Distinguished:

Area 11 Pentagon Legacy Toastmasters
Area 12 Braddock Metro Toastmasters
Area 14 4-Star Toastmasters
Area 14 Crystal City Evening Toastmasters
Area 51 St. Margaret’s Achievers Toastmasters
Area 53 Presidential Speakers Toastmasters
Area 61 NOVA Toastmasters
Area 62 GUTS Toastmasters
Area 63 USPTO Toastmasters
Area 64 Alexandria Treetop Speakers
Area 64 City of Alexandria Toastmasters


Select Distinguished:

Area 21 Challenger Toastmasters
Area 21 State of Speaking Toastmasters
Area 31 FAA Speechmasters Toastmasters
Area 33 OCC Speakeasies Toastmasters
Area 42 Lone Star Toastmasters
Area 51 Maple Springs Baptist Church Ministry Toastmasters
Area 52 Chesapeake Toastmasters
Area 52 Park Place Toastmasters
Area 53 Fast Forward Toastmasters
Area 54 Waldorf Toastmasters



Area 23 NRECA Power Speakers
Area 32 FEMA and Friends Toastmasters
Area 42 Kohoutek Toastmasters
Area 51 Andrews Toastmasters


Please help us congratulate them for their outstanding achievement!