Hybrid Meetings

What Is a Hybrid Meeting?

hybrid meeting combines both in-person and online participants, and offering an equally positive experience to both audiences can be a tricky balance. That said, hybrid meetings are worth trying when your club is ready. Many clubs will likely try the hybrid format as a transitional measure coming out of the pandemic, but that does not mean they have to or ought to commit to the hybrid format long term…. Click here to read the article by David F. Carr, DTM, Toastmasters Magazine, April 2021

Now there is a new set of decisions looming. Continue to meet entirely on-line. Meet entirely in person. Or a combination of the two—hybrid meetings. Many clubs will choose to try to hold hybrid meetings with some members meeting in person and others joining them from on-line…. Click here to read the guidelines by Dana G. Richard, DTM.

Learn tips to running a successful hybrid Toastmasters club meeting. Review the tips and work with your fellow club officers to provide the best experience for members and guests. For additional information, see ‘Related Resources’ section below –


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