It takes a village! Call for volunteers! Earn Project credit; High Performance leadership Credit or a DTM Project.

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# Chair Title Description/Focus
1 Conference Chair Preparing for and putting on the district conference. Liaison with the venue; fundraising; finding keynote speakers and workshop instructors; registration
2 Conference Co-Chair Back up to the Conference Chair; second in command; understudy
3 Budget Track all conference financial transactions (revenue and expenditures)
4 Speakers / Workshops Coordinate all speakers and workshops for the conference
5 Contest Coordinate all aspects of all district conference contests
6 Marketing/Media Creates the promotional campaign; Ensures every Club member, in D27 and worldwide is aware of the conference, knows how to register, and attends. Coordinates recording the contest; documents the event
7 Logistics Venue Liaison ensures all logistics function smoothly with the venue. Create and display signs for attendees to understand and locate Conference events.
8 Hospitality Ensures attendees have personal attention; Design and produce

Conference program; coordinates catering efforts; Maintains Protocol and scripts

9 Registration Provide efficient procedures to track registrants, deposit fees, and check-in at Conference.
10 Credentials Properly record and release ballots according to

Toastmaster International’s rules and report totals during the District

Business Meeting.

11 Hall of Fame/Recognition Coordinate a ceremonial recognition of member achievements; orchestrates DTM Hug Line; works with Hospitality Chair on program
12 Fundraising Raise money at conference for both attendee and

donor benefit.