Tips and Tricks for Presenting Virtually: A Two-Part Series

Excellent public speaking is a desirable skill that we all try to attain. With the current shift to the virtual world, this allows us to explore new opportunities and avenues. Be it professional, conducting a presentation, or meeting online, how do we deliver our message most effectively? Be it private, celebrating an anniversary or birthday, how do we acknowledge achievements and deliver social speeches at online social events?

The next two series in D27 Discuss With Us will analyze and develop some ideas to the new challenges we are encountering in the virtual world. The first episode of this two part series addresses the issue of delivering content effectively on an online televideo conferencing platform.

How can we prevent not just speaking to the computer but rather connect to the far away audience? How do we keep people engaged listening to the virtual speaker without the normal methods, such as eye contact, body gestures, and movement? How can Toastmasters help us with public speaking, presentation, and leadership skills?

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