What is Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)?

The presentation format in which training programs are conducted concurrently. In addition to the programs provided by World Headquarters, districts can supplement additional courses, such as ones on evaluation, contest judging and leadership. However, the course schedule and content must guarantee that each club officer has the opportunity to get the training necessary for success in his or her specific role.

TLIs provide value to:

  • The schedule and courses offered make it flexible for club officers.
  • Club officers can choose their electives, so they can attend sessions that are of special interest to them.

Who can attend TLIs?

  • Current and incoming club officers
  • Toastmasters members not holding club office but interested in learning about or improving their Toastmasters leadership and communication skills
  • Guests of members as well.
  • Club officers can attend any TLI in any District in the world. If you attend Club Officer Training outside of District 27 ensure that the district’s PQD communicates to the District 27 PQD at pqd@d27-tm.org

When are TLIs offered?

Districts must conduct club officer training twice yearly.

  • 1st : Between June 1 and August 31, when officers begin their terms.
  • 2nd : Between November 1 and February 28 (or 29).

Why attend TLIs?

  • Club leaders will receive the resources necessary to successfully lead their clubs
  • Training is focused on the clubs’ interests and how each club can better serve its own members
  • Clubs that have at least four officers attend training during each of these training periods receive credit toward the training goal in the Distinguished Club Program.

District 27 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Club Officer Tracker

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